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Dredging: Maintaining the breachways into the ponds is important to water quality.   Over time, sand flows into the ponds through the breachways, restricting the tidal exchange of water.  Facilitating the flow of clean seawater into the ponds allows nutrients to be flushed out and helps maintain cooler summer water temperatures (very warm water can lead to problems with low dissolved oxygen).  In addition, sand washed into the ponds can bury valuable eelgrass meadow habitat. SPC was a very active advocate for the successful dredging of the Charlestown Breachway into Ninigret Pond--click on the links below to read Tidal Page articles about this effort. We continue to strongly advocate for dredging the Quonochontaug and Weekapaug breachways as soon as possible.
* Dredging Completed at Charlestown BW
* Charlestown Dredge Efforts (Fall 2011)
* Charlestown Dredge Efforts (Spring 2011)
* Update on Maintenance Dredge of Charlestown BW (Fall 2010)

Advocate for appropriate siting of aquaculture: SPC evaluates all proposals for aquaculture leases in the ponds from a scientific and conservation perspective. On April 9, 2013, SPC, along with representatives of the communities around the western end of Quonnie Pond, testified before CRMC in opposition of a proposed aquaculture lease in the Quonochontaug Shellfish Spawner Sanctuary.  CRMC denied this proposal in a 6 to 1 vote.
* Click here to read SPC's (February) email blast to our membership regarding the proposed aquaculture sites in Quonochontaug Pond.
* Click here to read SPC's second (April) email blast to our membership about the proposed aquaculture site in the Quonnie shellfish spawner sanctuary.
* Click here to read SPC's letter to CRMC regarding the proposed oyster aquaculture site in the Quonochontaug spawner sanctuary.
* Click here to read the letter from CRMC describing the aquaculture proposal within the spawner sanctuary.
* Click here to see a map of the proposed aquaculture site within the spawner sanctuary.
* Click here to see the letter from CRMC describing the aquaculture proposal in the northeast corner of Quonochontaug Pond.

Shellfish Restoration (Tidal Page articles):
* Winnapaug Clam Transplant
* Clam Transplants Continue
* Shellfish Transplant Update

Protection of Bill's Island in Quonochontaug Pond (Tidal Page articles):
* Birds Flock to Bill's Island
* Bill's Island - Development on Quonnie Pond
Online Data Sharing (Tidal Page articles):
* 2011 Data Are Online
* Data Tracking Project Goes Live

Kayak Trips and Guides:
* Summer 2009 (Tidal Page article, for example!)
* SPC Kayaker's Guide to the Salt Ponds (PDF)

Salt Pond Safaris (Tidal Page article)

Encouraging Homeowners to Be Pond Stewards (Tidal Page articles):
* Goose Control
* Buffer Demo Project (Summer 2010)
* Buffer Demo Project (Summer 2009)
* Managing Coastal Lawns
* This Organic Yard

Managing Coastal Lawns (PDF)
Water Quality Monitoring (Tidal Page articles)
* Over 25 Years of Water Quality Monitoring
* Logistics of Sampling the Ponds

Aquatic Health Following Spring Floods of 2010 (Tidal Page article)

Recycling of Nutrients in Bottom Waters (Tidal Page article)

Dissolved Oxygen Dynamics (Tidal Page article)

Nutrients in the Salt Pond Region (Tidal Page article)
Award from the White House (Tidal Page article)

EPA Award and Congressional Recognitione (Tidal Page article)

Environmental Justice Awarde (Tidal Page article)

SPC's Awards (PDF)
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