Potter Pond Foliage
History and Ecology of the Salt Ponds
Geology and Climate Man and the Ponds Flora and Fauna Nutrients & Other Issues
Sea Level Rise and Storm Hazards (Tidal Page article)

Ice Age Origin of the Salt Ponds (Tidal Page article)

Tides in South County (Tidal Page article)

Brief Ecological History of the Ponds (Tidal Page article)

Oyster Restoration Update (Tidal Page article)

History and Status of Breachways (Tidal Page article)
Ninigret BW Maintenance (PDF)
Quonnie BW Documents (PDF)
Quonnie BW Map (JPG)
Quonnie BW Stone Bridge (JPG)
Quonnie BW Drag Line (JPG)
Quonnie BW Dunes (JPG)
Quonnie BW Jetty (JPG)
Quonnie BW, Old and New (JPG))
Old Weekapaug BW Docs
Old Weekapaug BW Letters

When Oil Soaked Our Shores (Tidal Page article)

Profile of an Oyster Farm (Tidal Page article)

Shellfish and Eelgrass Restoration Project (Tidal Page article)

Pros and Cons of Aquaculture (Tidal Page article)

Zooplankton (Tidal Page article)

Phytoplankton (Tidal Page article)

American Eel (Tidal Page article)

Horseshoe Crab (Tidal Page article)
Horseshoecrab.org (Link)

Blue Crabs (Tidal Page article)

Quahaugs (Tidal Page article)

RI Natural History Survey

RI Sea Grant Fact Sheets

Interactive Salt Pond Safari (Link)
Nitrogen and Phosphorus Cycling in Quonochontaug Pond: White Paper (PDF)

Pollution in the Ponds (2009 Overview, PDF)

Ammonium and Phosphate in the Salt Ponds (Tidal Page article)

Salt Pond Pollution Basics (Tidal Page article)

Dissolved Oxygen Dynamics (Tidal Page article)

Nutrients in the Salt Ponds (Tidal Page article)

URI Watershed Watch Water Quality Fact Sheets

Callender, 2014. Ninigret Cove Groundwater Study 2014- A Pilot Study to Assess the Importance of Shallow Groundwater Discharge of Nutrients into a Coastal Salt Pond Embayment

The Role of Benthic Sediment in Internal Recycling of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in a Southern Rhode Island Coastal Lagoon. By Ted Callender, December 2014.
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