Green Hill Pond
Green Hill Pond

Green Hill Pond is a relatively small pond with a very densely developed residential shoreline and watershed.  It is located mainly within the jurisdiction of South Kingstown, with the western side (and pond access) in Charlestown.  Its connection to tidal waters is not direct but, like Potter Pond, occurs via a breachway to another larger pond (Ninigret Pond).  This channel, under Creek Bridge, is narrow and quite restricted.  As a result, tidal flushing is reduced and pollution problems are magnified compared to most of the other ponds.

Green Hill Pond is quite shallow with many small islands, rocky outcroppings and interesting creeks.  It is a combination of wooded areas and summer colonies along the shore.  It  is bordered along the south by a barrier beach, much of it fringed by extensive salt marshes, providing a great opportunity for birding.  Factory Brook, a major source of fresh water flowing into the Pond, originates at Factory Pond, a former stream that was dammed more than a century ago to provide water power for local mills.  Since tidal flushing is quite restricted, salinity is lower in this pond than in the others. 

Due to high bacteria levels, Green Hill Pond has been closed to shellfishing for at least 20 years.

This text is from Salt Pond Watchers Summary Data Report 1985 – 1987, Coastal Resources Center, University of Rhode Island Technical Report No. 10, October 1990, by P. Kullberg, V. Lee, and M. Platt, with additional information provided by Edward Callender from the Salt Ponds Coalition.

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